Friday, January 30, 2009

My 2009 Planting Schedule

This is my planting schedule for this year. Obviously dates may vary depending on the condition of the soil, temperature, etc., so these are really my guidelines for the year. Some guideline is better than wondering each day what should be done in the garden. The "d" refers to days to germination. The (T) indicates that seedlings are being planted. The x" shows the distance between plants.

March 15 Indoor
Broccoli (6d )
Chamomile (need light)
Leeks (10-12d) 6” pots
Lettuce (6d)
Parsley (11d)
Parsnips(?) (17d)
Scallions (9d)

April 1 Indoor
Basil (7d)
Chinese Cabbage
Cucumbers April 15 in peat pots
Fennel, bulb
Ground cherries (14d)
Marigolds (6d)
New Zea Spinach scratch and soak first
Pak choi (?)
Peppers (18d)
Tomato (7d)

April Outdoor
Broccoli (T ) 4-30 18” Tolerates shade, interplant lettuce, cutworm collars
Claytonia 4-30
Dandelion (5d) 4-8 6-8” Tolerates shade
Fava beans 4-1
Garlic 4-30 4-5”
Leeks (T) 4-30 6” Partial shade, in trench
Lettuce (+T) 4-1 8” Tolerates shade
Pak Choi (+T) 4-15 (covered) 6”
Parsley (T) 4-30
Parsnips (+T) 4-30 Tolerates shade, seed into garden in late May, in cones.
Peas 4-1 Partial shade, in 3” x 6” trench
Potato 4-15 12” Full sun, acid soil
Scallions (T) 4-15, 4-30 Full sun
Spinach 4-1 (or earlier) Tolerates shade, New seed
Swiss chard 4-30 12”
Zen 4-10, 4-30

May 15 Outdoor

Basil (T) 5-15
Chinese cabbage (T) 5-30
Cucumbers (T) 5-30 Full sun, under black plastic
Cucumbers 5-15 Prepare area
Dandelions 5-15
Edamame (6d) 5-25 Full sun
Fennel, bulb (T) 5-15 12” Full sun
Ground cherry (T) 5-15 24” Full sun
Lettuce 5-15, 5-30
New Zealand Spinach 5-30 Transplants
Pepper (T) 5-30 12” Full sun, cut worm collars
Pole beans (5d) 5-15 (if warm) Full sun
Scallions 5-20
Squash, summer 5-15 Full sun
Swiss chard 5-15 12” Tolerates shade
Tomato (T) 5-15 3’ Full sun, eggshells
Zen 5-15, 5-30

Broccoli 6-1
Chinese Cabbage 7-1 (covered) 12” Partial shade
Collards 7-15 6”=18”
Cucumbers 7-1 Direct sow
Garlic 10-1
Kale 6-20 1”=8” Cover until germination
Spinach 7-4 1”=3”=6” Tolerates shade
Summer Squash (2) 7-1
Zen 6-15, 7-1

Marigolds go with beans, potato, tomato.
Nasturtium go with broccoli, cucumber, kale, squash.


  1. Hey John,

    Great blog! Question for you: what zone are you in? I'm about 50 miles east of Syracuse (near Utica), zone 4b. Just asking since you transplant your tomatoes in mid-May and around here, the traditional date is Memorial Day. I'm wondering if, with climate change, I can get away with putting them in a couple weeks sooner.

    I'm just getting back into gardening in a major way after may years of settling for a few tomatoes and cukes. I sent in a big order to Fedco a couple weeks ago and it felt good!

    At any rate, I'm glad to finally see that "green" and sustainability are taking root in Central NY.

  2. May 15th could be a little early. I have been lax over the years in keeping records of when I plant various vegetables. I know that one year I planted my tomatoes and a frost arrived. I attempted to protect them with large, black empty plant containers but they were in pretty bad shape. However, most of them recovered.
    Sometimes when I have more seedlings than I will use I start some early. Quite honestly I doubt that it speeds things up. I think most people aim for Memorial Day for tomatoes and I will probably to that this year since a back injury kept me from cleaning up the garden last fall and I will have that to do, along with planting all the early vegetables - spinach, lettuce, greens, and peas.
    We used to be zone 4 and are now zone 5. I would think Utica would be the same unless you are high like Paris Hill or Barneveld.