Monday, April 25, 2011

The New Season Begins

Because I had surgery on April 11th I planted as much of the garden as I could before April 9th. Right after that we had two fairly sunny days followed by days of rainy weather. Some of the transplants were scorched but they seem to be slowly getting established.

In the past week we have begun using some of the plants that made it through the winter. We harvested about six pounds of leeks that were left over from last year. The leeks were not protected from the snow in any way. (Similarly there are scallions in the garden that wintered over.) Today I picked some of the lettuce, mache (corn salad) and claytonia for our lunch time salad. We could pick some kale but we still have frozen greens to use up first.

I haven't yet gotten back to gardening, other than transplanting some of the lettuce that we grew in the cellar and harvested during the winter (see the earlier post about Indoor Lettuce). Tomorrow it is supposed to be quite warm (close to eighty degrees) and I would like to plant potatoes.