Thursday, December 25, 2008

I'll get it right this time!

The seed catalogs are arriving. I have already planned out where each vegetable, herb and fruit will go. And, this year, I hope I can keep to the plan. I have grown vegetables for more than 30 years always with as good intentions as I have this year. But in every one of those years a time has come when the garden just "got away". The weeds took over, or harvesting didn't keep up, or watering was inadequate and suddenly control was gone for the rest of the season. That didn't mean we got nothing from the garden, only that we could have done a lot better.

One reason was that I never had a clear plan. I have learned from Toastmasters that if you want to speak effectively you have to plan in detail what you are going to say. If I want to garden effectively I have to plan - on paper - what I am going to do. The vague plan in my mind doesn't hack it.

I have one big advantage this year and that is that I am retired. I can allocate time each day for gardening. I also have had time to plan and time to read more about gardening. I'll get it right this time.

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